The Division of Information Technology considers sustainability an important part in many of its projects and in the daily activities of its employees. Below are just some of the ways that the division has been "green" during the last few years:

  • The division introduced a recycling element into the the Network Refresh Project in October 2011, removing and recycling old copper cable as new cable is installed in buildings undergoing upgrades. In the first year of recycling, 25.2 tons, or 50,384 pounds, of copper cable were recycled from 12 refreshed buildings. The copper cable recycling is ongoing.
  • The division regularly works with university business owners to automate processes when possible, increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of paper required to perform university business tasks. Recent (fiscal year 2012) examples include automating Outside Professional Activities (OPA) reporting and approval and automating student account direct deposit bank authorization by developing and launching a new form in the university’s electronic forms management system (ELF).
  • The division often replaces older server hardware with virtual machines. During fiscal year 2011, the division doubled its virtual environments across three operating systems.

UMD Green Office Program Additionally, several offices within the Division of IT are participating in the Office of Sustainability's Green Office certification program, which encourages employees to act in environmentally friendly ways, including reusing and recycling as many materials as possible, walking more instead of driving, reducing electricity use, and more. For examples, the Office of the Vice President and the Client Support Knowledge Management group have achieved bronze certification.