About the Division of IT

Mission Statement:

The Division of Information Technology (DIT) collaborates with the University of Maryland community of faculty, students, and staff to provide an abundant IT environment and enable world-class teaching, learning, research, administration, and student experience.

  • For students - DIT partners with other campus service organizations to understand and provide the IT tools that enhance the student experience, serve as stimuli for student innovation, and imbue tomorrow's leaders with the technology that will be integral to their achievement.
  • For teaching faculty - DIT is committed to providing robust, readily available technology that supports the spectrum of pedagogical methodologies, from traditional classroom instruction to blended and flipped classroom environments and full online learning venues. We support and foster innovation through collaboration with university faculty in the use of IT in the classroom.
  • For research faculty - DIT partners with the UMD research community to provide cyberinfrastructure, which enables easily accessible high-performance computing resources.
  • For university administration and staff - DIT provides IT tools that foster the most efficient and effective execution of university business.

Vision Statement:

The Division of IT will be a trusted and integral partner for every individual on campus and the constituencies they represent and will become a recognized best practice model for peer institutions in providing abundant information technology through which the broader mission of the University of Maryland is ultimately served.

Core Values:

In accomplishing our mission and achieving our vision, the leadership and staff of DIT will share the following core goals:

  1. We learn and share - We are constantly learning and sharing, applying what we learn in innovative ways to provide the right services in the right way.
  2. We are holistic - We see how each team member, service, component, project, process, partner, or participant is part of a much bigger whole of interdependencies for the long-term.
  3. We are transparent, candid, and caring - We worry more about what's right, not who's right so we have direct, respectful conversations.
  4. We get stuff done - We hold ourselves accountable, and we make and keep commitments for delivering quality solutions.
  5. We delight others - We collaborate to build relationships and develop partnerships with those we serve.