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Where my reason, imagination or interest were not engaged, I would not or I could not learn.
~ Winston Churchill

Designing and developing an online course, or a course with online components, can present many challenges and opportunities to instructors. An experienced instructional designer can help guide instructors through three critical phases of course design:

  • Analysis (identify learning objectives, learner skills, motivation and styles, as well as learning contexts—where will content and instruction be delivered);
  • Selection (identify assessment and evaluation strategies, content delivery methods, student support options); and
  • Implementation (deliver and adapt formative and summative evaluations to better meet the needs of learners).

Our team of instructional designers can provide support through consultation and training at each step in the course design and development process. We also provide documentation and video tutorials to help guide your efforts to create effective, engaging, and collaborative learning experiences for students.

Strategic Approaches

The environment(s) in which you will teach is a key factor in making effective instructional design decisions. Fully online, blended, flipped and problem-based learning models each require unique strategies for planning the delivery of content, activities, assessments and feedback.

Web-based Learning  |  Blended learning  | Flipped classroom | Competency-based learning

Create Your Course

Empty, unpublished ELMS course spaces are automatically created for term-based courses 3-4 months before the start date of a term. The instructor of record has access to the space in order to develop the structure and content. ELMS provides numerous tools for establishing instructor identity, sharing content, and creating a consistent learning environment for students.

Create Personal Profile  |  Create a Syllabus​  | Create Modules​  |  Create Content Pages  | Upload Files  |  Manage the Course Calendar​

Create Activities

How will your students demonstrate mastery of course content? These tools can help you assess student learning.

How To Create Assignments in ELMS  |  How to Create Quizzes in ELMS​   |  How to Create Discussions in ELMS​  |  How to Create Surveys in ELMS  |  How to Create Surveys with Qualtrics

Add Resources

An engaging course environment is more than just PDFs and PowerPoints; learn to integrate media and other learning aids.

Videos: (Camtasia Screen & Video Capture—Windows or Macintosh) (ELMS Media Recorder) (Media Reserves​) (Panopto Recordings) (Embedded YouTube) (Hosted YouTube| Images (How To Embed in ELMS Page) | Audio: (ELMS Media Recorder) (Audacity| Tools: (Course Reserves) (Campus Pack Blogs, Journals and Wikis

Setup Gradebook

Organize and customize the gradebook to support your grading preferences.

  Create and Organize Gradebook | Grading Schema: (Create Assignment Grading Scheme)   (Create Final Grade Schema)  | Weight Final Grade (How To) | Share Grades with Students

Quality Check

Learning Technology Design provides advice and support to faculty aspiring to meet the rigorous requirements of the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric.

LTD Checklist  |  Quality Matters Rubric  | Accessibility