Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, is an IT security measure that provides an additional layer of security when logging in or performing transactions online. It achieves this by requiring more than one form of authentication to access computing systems. The forms must fall into at least two of three authentication factor categories -- something you know, something you have, and/or something you are.

UMD is implementing MFA at the university on a system-by-system basis. The Kuali Financial System will be among the first enterprise systems to require MFA.

The university's MFA requirements are supported by the Duo Security System.

How Does MFA Work?

Login with your Directory ID and password. Then use your phone or tablet to verify your identity.

UMD's MFA requires two authentication factors:

  1. Your Directory ID and password
  2. "Push" approval via the Duo App on a registered device or
    a changing security code generated by the Duo App, a department-issued hardware token, or an administrator

For more details, read the Overview of Multi-Factor Authentication and Login Methods article in the IT Knowledge Base.

If you have any questions about MFA, please contact the Help Desk.