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Classroom Clickers

The software used by clickers on campus can be run as a Web application on the iPod touch and iPhone. This enables these units to substitute for purchasing the clicker units themselves while providing the functionality to respond to classroom questions that are multiple choice, short answer, and more.

Access to the umd-secure Wireless Network

The umd-secure wireless network is part of the campus wireless access system. It provides encrypted and speedy connectivity across much of campus.

These Knowledge Base articles contain the instructuions you will need to access the umd-secure wireless network from your iPod touch or iPhone:

Faculty/Staff Directory

Search faculty and staff listings in the University Directory from your mobile device. Once you've found the listing you want, you can click on the e-mail address to send e-mail or click on the phone number to call (if you're using a smartphone).


Developed by a team led by Dr. Ashok Agrawala of the MIND Lab of the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS), this is a port of the location and public safety application his team originally created on the Nokia smartphone platform. Emergency features are being developed for a V911 app that will include a "panic button" that will send a notice for aid directly to a police dispatcher along with location information and streaming audio and video.

MyeVue also offers a full campus building database, which allows it to be used as a location tool that can provide your current location and directions to another spot on campus. In addition, it offers the schedules for ShuttleUM buses and tells you where in transit they are and when the next one will appear at your location. It also provides scheduling information for MetroBus.

UMD Mobile

Read university news, see athletic team schedules, look up that phone number you can never remember, get information about campus events, or browse pictures from the photo gallery. It's all there in one place -- wherever you happen to be! UMD Mobile is available as part of a beta test the Initiative is participating in with EZ Axess as an Apple app and a Web version.

UM Info

UM Info is an app, developed by the Division of IT, for Apple devices that serves as another mobile guide to the University of Maryland. It features a map with a building search feature, campus news, access to the faculty/staff directory, undergraduate course descriptions, and a calendar of campus events.