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Faculty Engagement

Ronald A. Yaros
Assistant Professor - Journalism

JOUR 289I: Information 3.0

This new I-course provided the ideal venue for undergraduates to utilize the Mobility Initiative as they sought, shared, and learned from technology. All activities in this interdisciplinary hybrid course were devoted to investigating the practical issues of ubiquitous media. Mobile technology was addressed in April 2010. Social networking, news (including emergency alerts), location-based GPS communication, and citizen journalism are some of the topics that were considered in the context of handheld devices. Specifically, devices supplied between April 22-29, 2010 were used in conjunction with Maryland Day on Saturday, April 24, 2010. Students utilized the devices to capture and share information about various events on websites including Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, blogs, and ELMS (powered by Blackboard). Later, students assessed the data in terms of quality, credibility, and value to the learning process.

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